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Ready-made photovoltaic sets of solar micro-power plants

Will I receive all the documents?

Q.Will I receive all the documents necessary to connect the installation and to obtain a subsidy with the kit? Will I be able to obtain a thermomodernization allowance or an agricultural tax deduction?


But I don't know where to start?

It's all easy, with the PVGroup.pl guide, installation is quick and easy. Step by step information below.

Q.The power plant wants some certificates, where can I find them?

A.The power plant requires documents, what should I do? Where to find them? Read below.

Q.And what if I run out of screws in the set?

A.The kits are calculated so that there are enough mounting elements. Just like in a popular furniture store.

Q.How will the documentation be complicated? Who will fill it in for me?

A.Documentation is easy to complete. From our website you can download all the necessary documents and certificates. Read below.

Photovoltaics in a few steps.

Q. What kind of power do you need?

A.Think about the installation you need. You can check bills and recalculate on your own. Amost our power plants are eligible for subsidies from the "governmental" program

Choose power plants

As you have noticed on our website, there are several dozen power plants to choose from. Since you already know that you need, for example, 10 KW, now think about whether you want to mount it on the roof or on the ground? If on land, check our power plants on land. Link here. If you want to install power plants on the roof, select the power plant for a ceramic or metal roof tile, you will find all electrons here.

Order a power plant in the online store, by e-mail or by phone.

Together with the power plant, you will receive all the necessary documents and a VAT invoice. You can find additional documents for download on our website. Together with the power plant, you will receive the "I Build a Power Plant" guide. E-mail longisolards@gmail.com tel .:

+442045771022/UK +420296182808/CZ +48573568388/PL +40731618278/RO 


Ask your electricity supplier to install a bidirectional meter.

The energy supplier will replace your meter for free.

Install and connect the power plant.

Invite roofers installers to perform the assembly on the roof. The construction is simple and the roofing company can handle this task with ease. The construction on the ground does not require special skills. Leave the connection of the cabling and the inverter to the grid to an electrician with SEP qualifications. The electrician will also complete the documentation needed for the energy supplier.

Apply for a subsidy

When the power plant is already installed, you can apply for a subsidy from the "governmental" program

Additional discounts

Consider whether or not to take advantage of the thermomodernization relief. Our power plants are also entitled to take advantage of the thermal modernization deduction or agricultural tax if you are a farmer.

Enjoy free energy for 50% of the price! *

Now you can observe how your power plant produces clean electricity. * Compared to the price of the exemplary domestic installation company.

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