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Complete 8,1 KW photovoltaic installation Kit LONGI 450W panels 8KW Growatt inverter on metal sheet. Price available for installers only

PV Group PL
0,74 EUR / Watt peak (VAT included) 1,20 EUR / Watt peak
5.994,00 EUR / Complete Ready-made PV installation (VAT included)
0,60 EUR / Watt peak (without VAT)
4.860,00 EUR / Complete Ready-made PV installation (without VAT)
This product is available for sale in packs only 8100 Watts.
Delivery costs are not included.

Note! For each type of roof, there may be small price variations on the mounting system

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PV Group PL
Stoc 100000
Available in stock

2300 mm/ 1019mm/1000mm


Ready-made photovoltaic sets of solar micro-power plants

Why up to 50% cheaper?

Full Kit 8,1 KW Photovoltaic system available for installers only

Ready-made photovoltaic / solar power plants for self-assembly and installers. Micro power plants were designed by a team of engineers from PVGroup. Trouble-free operation, high yields of electricity and a quick return on investment were the goal of the project team of PVGroupl engineers. Solar power plants can be easily installed on a metal tile, roof tile or on the ground. Rely on the many years of experience of engineers who passionately create solutions from renewable energy sources. 

Photovoltaic sets designed and prepared by PVGroup contain all the necessary elements: appropriate rails and connectors, roof holders, clamps, the latest photovoltaic panels, inverters, lightning arresters and cables.

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Step by step, solar farm and documentation. Click here.

8,1 KW photovoltaic set - Rely on many years of experience of enthusiasts of renewable energy sources and choose a solution from carefully selected components. Enjoy cheap electricity for many years to come! 8,1KW photovoltaic set / complete power plant photovoltaic was prepared by a team of engineers from PVGroup.pl. The goal that we set for the engineers was efficiency and reliability, intended for a minimum of 20 years of trouble-free operation, assuming a minimum return on investment. The task turned out to be a challenge that a team of engineers worked on with the support of producers of photovoltaic equipment. One of the important factors was insolation in this geographic location. Thanks to close cooperation with engineers and service technicians of producers, whom we are a direct representative in Poland, we were able to obtain optimal parameters photovoltaic power plants.


We offer a complete  8,1 KW photovoltaic set.  8,1 KW photovoltaic set for self-assembly.  8,1 kW solar power plant with a pape or trapezoidal mounting system.


Responsible for the safety of pallet shipments:

Our photovoltaic sets / power plants are traveling to you in insured transport. Shipments are packed with great care in such a way that the goods reach their destination in an undamaged form. Packing takes place under the supervision of cameras. However, if there is a problem, please write a protocol with the courier, mark what exactly is damaged and this is where the customer's responsibility ends. PVGroup.pl sent new goods. You can find the shipping rules here.



Can anyone install a photovoltaic power plant by himself? Find out by clicking here.

8,1KW photovoltaic set includes:

  • "I build a solar power plant myself" guide
  • Documentation necessary to start the power plant and to apply for the "domestic governamental" subsidy
  • Photovoltaic Mono Panel LONGI Photovoltaic PV Panel, Mono / Half Cut / PERC Power 450W (18 pcs.)
  • 3-phase inverter 8kW Growatt MOD 8000 TL3-X WIFI (1 pc.)
  • A set of AC / DC protection elements, Polish production PVGroup.pl
  • Round installation cable YDY 5x4mm2 (5 mb.)
  • 4mm2 solar cable (80 lm-one color)
  • Earthing cable green-yellow 4mm2 stranded (10 pcs.)
  • Earthing cable green and yellow 16mm2 stranded (10 meters)
  • End bracket for mounting PV panels + screw + square nut (8 pcs.)
  • Middle holder for mounting PV panels + screw + square nut (32 pcs.)
  • Original Multi-Connect Connector MC4 connector production Switzerland (5 pcs.)
  • Bolt M10 + nut M10 flange, stainless (72 pcs.)
  • Rail, mounting profile, aluminum 40x40mm, length 221 cm (18 pcs.)
  • Roof holder - roof tile, sheet metal - two-threaded bolt M10x200 + adapter (40 pcs.)
  • Connector for rails 40 × 40, aluminum (16 pcs.)
  • Complete earth electrode (1 pc.)

 Note!! The price may change slightly depending on the type of roof.

Have you wondered about the quality of the mounting components in a solar power plant?


Safety guarantee - TUV certificate

Photovoltaic installation /photovoltaic set it is not only panels and an inverter. The essential elements are assembly materials. The safety of you and your loved ones depends on the mounting elements. Rely on Polish and European producers. We directly supervise the production of handles and mounting elements for the roof and ground. By working with manufacturers, we have an influence on the materials that are used for production. Each of our suppliers of roof mounting elements is required to present the relevant TUV certificates for structures. Let's take care of the safety of the installation together. Remember that our power plants are designed for 20 years. Each component is selected to safely fulfill its function for years to come. We do not compromise when it comes to safety.



Inverter / Inverter from the official distribution / warranty of Growatt in Poland - https://www.ginverter.com/


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Questions ? : pvgroup@pvpanels.eu




* 8.1KW photovoltaic set - 100% WARRANTY for self-assembly.

* For your safety and compliance with the applicable regulations, the connection of the photovoltaic system must be performed ELECTRICIAN with SEP D + E qualifications up to 1 kV.


The total weight of the entire system in Kg, Palletized
400 kg